Product Registration

A new Poisons Centre Notification (PCN) portal is being developed by the European Chemicals Agency to allow companies to submit their product information centrally within Europe.  This portal should be available by the start of 2019 and futher information is available on the ECHA website. Until then products should continue to be registered directly with the NPIC using the steps below:

Use one form for each product. Save the document under the product name as it appears on the label and return to us by email or on CD/DVD.

1. Complete the Product Registration Form and return it by email to or on CD/DVD to the Poisons Information Centre, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin 9. Please note the requirement for full ingredient composition. Security restrictions within Beaumont Hospital IT services may restrict access to zip file attachments so if you intend to send a zip file, please let us know via a seperate email to

2. Complete and sign an Agreement & Indemnity and return it to the NPIC for our signature.

3. Pay the annual retainer of €650 per company. You will be invoiced by Beaumont Hospital after the Agreement & Indemnity has been completed and signed by both parties.

Note: If all the products are biocides or plant protection products, you do not need to pay the annual retainer of €650 because this is already included in the Biocides registration fee payable to the Dept of Agriculture.  You should still complete steps 1 and 2 above.


For further information please contact us on (01) 797 4214.