Now that summer is officially here, we are all hoping for long balmy evenings when we can spend more time outdoors. But it's also a timely reminder that children love to explore!

Try to get to know the different hazards in your garden, garage and garden shed:

  • Keep toxic substances like herbicides, insecticides, drain cleaners, motor products, BBQ lighter fuels safely stored out of reach and out of sight.
  • Do not mix garden chemicals or pour them into different bottles.  Never remove the labels.
  • Teach your children that some plants may not be safe to touch or eat; 

Deadly Nightshade                     Foxglove (Digitalis)



Monkshood (Aconitum)                      Giant hogweed


A list of relatively non-toxic plants can be found in Low Toxicity Substances but if you are in any doubt, call us for more advice.






Long evenings...more playtime!